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  • Sending data on display

    I have 132x65 dot matrix LCD. I am using STM32F303 controller in my application. I got success in displaying the normal 5x7 fonts on LCD. Now I what I want to do is to display 13x16 custom sized fonts on the LCD. I generated the appropriate hex code for all 95 characters for the 13x16 size. In 5x7 i was able to send all the bytes using following routine.

    void Display(uint8_t Display_Row, uint8_t Display_Column, unsigned char)  {   uint16_t String_Pointer_Offset;    String_Pointer_Offset = 0;    while( '\0' != *(String_Pointer + String_Pointer_Offset) )   { #if (defined(DISPLAY_WRAP_TEXT_STRINGS) && (DISPLAY_WRAP_TEXT_STRINGS == YEP ))     if(Display_Column > SHADOW_LAST_COLUMN) /* Check if it's the appropriate to wrap the row printing the exceeding character on the next line. */     {       Display_Column = 0;       Display_Row ++;     };     if (Display_Row > SHADOW_LAST_LINE)     {       return; /* Ran out of space :( */     }; #else /* if (not defined(DISPLAY_WRAP_TEXT_STRINGS) || (DISPLAY_WRAP_TEXT_STRINGS == NOPE )) */     if( (Display_Column > SHADOW_LAST_COLUMN)      || (Display_Row    > SHADOW_LAST_LINE  ) )     {       return; /* Ran out of space :( */     }; #endif     Display.Row[Display_Row].Column [Display_Column] = *(String_Pointer + String_Pointer_Offset);     Display.Row[Display_Row].Touched[Display_Column] = TRUE;      Display_Column ++;     String_Pointer_Offset++;   };    return; }
    And using Display_Print(1,1,"ABC \0"); function in the main file i was able to display the string on my LCD.
    But here number of bytes 26 instead of 8 so which can not be sent simultaneously on parallelly interfaced LCD. Can anyone help me how to achieve this big 13x16 pixel font display task?

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