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    can i use LM35 instead of TMP36 in Arduino based Temprature sensor?

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    yes. TMP36 is analog temperature sensor from Analog Devices. It has a sensing range of -40 celcius to 125 degree celcius. LM35 is a analog temp. sensor from Texas Instruments. The range is -55 degree celcius to 150 degree celcius. Both have the sensitivity of 10mV/degree celcius. So you can use LM35 in place of TMP36


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      The TMP36 is a low voltage, precision centigrade temperature sensor and yes it can be used with LM35. TMP36 is very popular temperature sensor because of its qualities. It provides a voltage output that is linearly proportional to the Celsius temperature. It also doesnt require any external calibration to provide typical accuracies of 1C at +25C and 2C over the −40C to +125C temperature range.

      You can read more details about sensors and used electrical equipment here:


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        The TMP35 is functionally compatible with the LM35/LM45 and provides a 250 mV output at 25C. The TMP35 reads temperatures from 10C to 125C. The TMP36 is specified from −40C to +125C, provides a 750 mV output at 25C, and operates to 125C from a single 2.7 V supply. The TMP36 is functionally compatible with the LM50. Both the TMP35 and TMP36 have an output scale factor of 10 mV/C.


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